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IWEARUP X SMESTA Smiley Hippie Shirt
Rp 395,000

One of our commitment in being a sustainable brand is to only work with sustainable suppliers. Our IWEARUP X SM3STA shirts are made from 100% wood cellulose (Eucalypthus and Acacia) and digitally printed with eco-ink. Wood cellulose fibres require a chemically intensive production process, and therefore SM3STA runs what is known as a “closed-loop” manufacturing process. This means that the vast majority of the chemicals are collected, recycled and reused. Through the use of such closed-loop processes, different chemicals, technological advances and more responsible disposing of chemicals that cannot be reused, SM3STA hopes to reduce the environmental impact of regenerated cellulose fibre production and ensure its future. The digital printing technique on our IWEARUP X SM3STA has 12 step that has been certified as eco friendly it include 1) minimizes water usage. 2) prevents any color dyes from polluting the rivers. 🌱 Eco fabric print ♻️ Degradable and decompostable ⛔️ No polyester

Weight: 200g
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Rp 395,000
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